World Renowned
Psychic Intuitive

Be uplifted and guided with insights from world renowned psychic intuitive, Shira, as she supports you with your relationships, career, finances and other questions you may have.

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Psychic Medium

Do you have a loved one that has passed? Is there a burning question or message you would like to send to the other side? Shira has provided healing and communication for thousands each year by connecting those whose loved ones have passed on.

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Spiritually Gifted
Pet Communicator

Always wondered what your furry family member is thinking? Shira can communicate with pets, both living and passed, to reveal their innermost thoughts and concerns. Featured in the New York Times and on Celebrity Catwalk.

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Webinar Series

Discover Your Personal Success Today

Using divine guidance, Shira will assist you in discovering your personal success. Each month, a new and exciting program will be offered.  You can attend from the comfort of your own home! At only $15 per person, seating is limited so reserve your front row seat today!

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Listen to What They're Saying...

"I will always remember the amazing experiences my daughter and I have had when speaking with Shira. Shira's gift to heal, fix and educate has been a positive life altering journey. Shira has love, care and genuine concern for each or every person or pet she has made contact with." 

Janis K. | Rockland County, NY

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